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Japanese Matcha Tea Ceremony Set

Japanese Matcha Tea Ceremony Set

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Immerse yourself in the art of matcha preparation with our Matcha Tea Ceremony Set. Perfect for both seasoned matcha enthusiasts and newcomers, this set makes an exceptional gift for anyone eager to experience the elegance of traditional Japanese Tea Ceremony style.



  1. Traditional Stoneware Matcha Tea Bowl (Chawan)
  2. Bamboo Whisk (Chasen)
  3. Bamboo Scoop (Chashaku)
  4. Ceremonial Grade Matcha Green Tea

Matcha scoop

Matcha whisking in a bowl

Matcha green tea served in a bowl


  • Complete Matcha Gift Set: Everything you need for an authentic cup of matcha in the traditional Japanese Tea Ceremony style.

  • Stoneware Matcha Tea Bowl (Chawan): Handmade for the perfect matcha preparation.

  • Bamboo Whisk (Chasen) & Bamboo Scoop (Chashaku): Sustainable bamboo tools for achieving a smooth froth.

  • Ceremonial Grade Matcha: Sourced from renowned regions in Japan, ensuring the highest quality.

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