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Heapwell's Ceremonial Japanese Matcha Green Tea

Matcha is a finely ground Green Tea powder made from the young and nutrient rich leaves of the green tea plant. The tea dates back to the 8th century, when it was originally used in traditional Japanese tea ceremonies. Unlike most teas, with matcha, you're not drinking a tea-infused water-based concoction, you're actually consuming tea leaves in a powdered form.


matcha green tea

Ceremonial Grade Tea

In Japan, drinking tea is a profound ritual called Chanoyu or Sado, which means "way of tea". It involves preparing the Japanese Matcha Tea in a calm, reflective manner. The process that’s almost a ceremony, focuses on the aesthetics of tea-making that are soothing to the body and soul.

It is almost an attempt at refining the art of living with the addition of matcha. Only the finest and purest quality of matcha is used in a sacred ritual like this one, just like our Heapwell Organic Ceremonial Matcha. Our matcha complements the rituals of Japanese tea making. It is tranquility in a cup.


From the Hills of Kyoto

We import our matcha directly from the pristine hills of Uji in Kyoto Japan. The most authentic, credible, and pure matcha leaves are cultivated here. The matcha leaves from Kyoto are renowned around the world.

For this reason, our matcha is of the highest quality without a trace of added preservatives or artificial ingredients. Translation? A healthier option for you and your loved ones. Our Matcha is Handpicked, Shadegrown, Stone ground tea From Uji in Kyoto Japan.


Ceremonial Matcha

Antioxidant Powerhouse

Drinking Matcha gives metabolic boost and keeps us hydrated.

Drinking several cups each day is an easy way to gently assist our system in detoxifying and promoting weight loss advantages.

People generally follow a detox routine for a day or a couple of days at most. But, consuming matcha on a regular basis is recommended as it would allow your body proper time to cleanse and eliminate toxins and naturally suppress an over-stimulated diet.


Rejuvenate your Skin

Matcha is very versatile. Matcha is made from only the leaves, not chemicals, which is about as natural as it can get. Antioxidants in Matcha keeps your skin fresh and healthy. It not only enhances your natural glow but also fights against free radicals responsible for age spots & wrinkles. Just add few drops of water to your matcha and your mask is ready.






Ceremonial Grade Matcha Green Tea

CEREMONIAL MATCHA: Heapwell Matcha Green Tea is deep green in colour with no bitterness and is perfect for making Traditional Japanese Tea
AUTHENTIC JAPANESE MATCHA: Heapwell Organic Matcha is carefully chosen, handpicked and stone ground from the spring crop of Uji & Kagoshima to maintain it's highest quality and aroma.
SHADE GROWN MATCHA GREEN TEA POWDER: Shade grown for 3-4 weeks prior to harvest to boost nutrient content. Thus Heapwell Matcha Green tea has a deep green colour and is full of goodness of finest matcha.
TIN PACKAGING: Our Matcha Tea is carefully packed into air tight, high grade packaging to prevent oxidation from air and UV light.
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